Day: May 12, 2016

Cryptocurrency OneCoin: 7th wave on the wayCryptocurrency OneCoin: 7th wave on the way




The world in the second half of the 20th, and especially in the 21st century, is increasingly accelerating in its development. It resembles an airplane that traveled back and forth along the runway for a very long time in a desperate attempt to take off, and only recently (during the life of the last two or three generations) he succeeded. Now this plane is confidently gaining altitude, and steeper and steeper, gradually turning into a rocket, which, as we know, takes off almost vertically.

This entails enormous opportunities for all living today, therefore, in order to take advantage of at least a small fraction of these incredible opportunities, it is extremely important to understand what happened to the world and continues to happen.

What has happened to the world over these past few decades is no secret to anyone, especially for those of us who are between 30 and 50 years old: it was an interesting, sometimes simply mesmerizing with its strength and scale, experience of changing the living conditions of an entire civilization. The purpose of this article is to track these changes and their final effect, as well as look at those that are just approaching and try to assess their possible impact on humanity. I say “humanity” because all the changes that I will talk about have taken place and are taking place not in any particular country or countries, but in the whole on planet Earth. These changes have one main feature – they happened in waves: wave rolled after wave, and each subsequent wave was larger and created deeper transformations of people’s way of life. Each subsequent wave created so many new conveniences for the life of civilization that the world was irreversibly changing! And although there were some negative aspects of these changes, in general, the positive effect was much greater! Let’s see what those waves were.

1st WAVE – TELEVISION.Spreading around the world in the 50s and 60s of the 20th century, television brought a whole new experience to tens of millions of homes around the world. Suddenly everything that was limited by the walls of theaters, cinemas, etc. became available without restrictions right in your living room! There is no longer the need to go somewhere and go to get a new portion of information, news, entertainment. On the one hand, it became an incredible convenience, on the other hand, people began to gather less in public places and began to spend more time at home. This wave has spawned a real boom in TV advertising: advertisers were thrilled – now their commercials were watched by millions of people at the same time! Sports events have become incredibly popular around the world thanks to television.

2nd WAVE – INTERNET. The Internet has literally whirled the world in a whirlwind of change and squeezed it beyond recognition. The Internet has created a solid foundation for subsequent waves that have spread and deepened all the incredible benefits of the new world; a world where anyone can establish contact with any other person, regardless of their location; a world where any manufacturer can get a whole network of loyal customers on the other side of the world; a world in which travel has become easy and enjoyable, since everything (flights, hotels, restaurants, excursions) can be booked in advance and booked remotely; a world where any bills can be paid from anywhere by pressing a few keys on your mobile device.

3rd WAVE – ELECTRONIC MAIL.Email emerged from the foundations that the Internet created and led to the almost complete disappearance of paper letters. Today, no one, being in their right mind and strong memory, will not bother themselves with writing a paper letter, sending it, knowing that it will take at least several days for the addressee to receive it. E-mail has created the ability to instantly exchange information and documents (in their scanned versions). All this gave a huge impetus to business development around the world. It soon became apparent that no business, without its own email account, had any chance of survival! Mail loading has dropped hundreds of times! Even greeting cards are being sent out electronically! But this also gave rise to a wave of abuse of this undoubted convenience:

4th WAVE – ELECTRONIC COMMERCE. Businessmen, seeing great opportunities on the Internet, began to make a concerted effort to optimize the costs of their businesses and expand access to their goods and services to consumers around the world. Many companies have their own online stores, where it was possible to order goods and services much cheaper than in regular stores. And ordinary stores began to turn more and more into showrooms, where you could just look at product samples in order to order them later on the Internet. The cost savings were enormous, and the scale of many businesses quickly went global! Many people have started working from home, serving their clients around the world. The need to go to traditional offices in your city has disappeared. The world has once again changed beyond recognition!

5th WAVE – MOBILE TECHNOLOGIES. Mobile technology has merged all previous waves, further enhancing their individual convenience. Now, anyone with a smartphone or tablet in their hands could watch TV and use e-mail and buy on the Internet, as well as instantly pay any bills! This factor has forced businesses to make significant investments in the development of such technologies. There are special mobile versions of sites, mobile applications for anything. Nowadays, it is no longer enough to just have a website. If your site does not have a mobile version, then you are losing a very large audience, some of which could become your clients!

6th WAVE – SOCIAL MEDIA.Social media is the pinnacle of how small and accessible our world has become! They have created a virtual analogue of civilization, where you can do whatever your heart desires, make friends and play, unite in communities of interest, gain access to any necessary information, find your halves and create families, find long-lost friends and classmates, and much, much more. It became possible to communicate in video mode, so that families scattered across different continents could again see and hear each other at any time. Many people even became addicted to social networks when they began to prefer virtual communication over real! But one thing can be said for sure: it already seems incredible and impossible to live without using this new convenience, which has raised the entire culture of communication between people to a new magnificent level!

7th WAVE – DIGITAL CURRENCIES. The peak of this wave is still on its way! This wave will bring to the surface hundreds of thousands (and even millions) of new millionaires and billionaires and create a new market in the amount of $ 1 trillion. up to (according to various estimates) $ 5 trillion. and, once again, will completely change the life of mankind! This wave began with the birth of the BitCoin cryptocurrency in 2009. For the first few years, the world was looking at a new strange phenomenon, and no visible changes took place until, in December 2013, the value of 1 BitCoin coin rose to $ 1242! And in 2009, 1 BitCoin coin cost only $ 0.1. As a result, the new phenomenon has become a very powerful trend that is gaining momentum around the world.

The topic of digital currencies owes its growing popularity to the already obvious and natural crisis that has now gripped the current financial system. And, by the way, many of its current problems did not appear today or yesterday, but ripened in it for tens of years before becoming obvious to the majority. Simply put, the financial system as it stands today does not meet the needs of too many of our planet’s inhabitants. This allows us to realize that a lot of existing patterns and stereotypes are about to be scrapped, and the main instrument for doing this is cryptocurrency and blockchain.

BitCoin, as a pioneer of cryptocurrencies, has already launched this process, but with a lot of growth problems, it apparently will not be able to become the mainstream global cryptocurrency. My vision is that truly global changes will take place precisely with the participation of the OneCoin cryptocurrency.

WHY IS THE FINANCIAL REVOLUTION IMMEDIATELY? Too many lies, injustice, illogicality have accumulated in our world by now, which very quickly destroy the current financial system. And this process, it seems, is already irreversible. In other words, humanity has already grown out of the clothes that were not long ago at its time! Or at least he thought so! And, meanwhile, the “suit” is already bursting at all the seams! And the question is not how to stop this process, but how to take advantage of the new opportunities that are already quite clearly beginning to manifest themselves against the background of the archaic structure of the existing financial systems.

These new opportunities are very tempting because they bring with them absolute freedom, transparency of operations, incredible speed and low cost of payments, as well as (which, in reality, most importantly) the impossibility of forgery and deception. All this in the coming months will make an explosion in the minds of people on such a scale that the world will never be the same again! It is possible that all these changes will be slowed down for some time by those who benefit from maintaining the status quo, but I am convinced that it is impossible to stop the one whose time has come!

I see how these great opportunities will change the lives of billions of people around the world and make this world a better and more comfortable place to live! And I intend to be part of these changes and to help ensure that these opportunities are seen by as many people as possible. Currently, I am on the lookout for people who have a similar vision and are willing to take active steps to make this story with me!

The current situation is unique. It is strikingly different from what happened during the previous waves. And the difference is that only a limited (albeit large) number of people could use the previous waves to create their material well-being. The 7th wave, now rising, has the potential to simultaneously affect the lives of billions of people around the world. This is the same tsunami that will sweep around the world, and it will be extremely difficult to stay away or not notice it anywhere on the globe.

This does not mean that everyone will exclusively welcome the arrival of this wave! Many will resist her, because she will deprive them of so many benefits and force them to act differently. Many will lose their fortunes, which were made by exploiting others and abusing the advantages that they now have in the current financial system! Lies and injustice in money management, as well as numerous frauds and fraud with financial assets will very quickly become technically impossible and lose all meaning. The world is entering a new era of its development, where the speed of movement of finance around the world will increase by an order of magnitude, absolute confidence in the financial system will emerge, and the transparency of financial transactions will no longer raise any doubts.

As a result, the world will free up a huge amount of resources that were previously spent on the maintenance of cumbersome and expensive systems of security and control over the movement of finances, and humanity will be able to use these resources for its own development and a radical solution to many global problems (hunger, incurable diseases, energy problem, demographic problem, environmental problem, etc.). The world will become safer, more open, united and richer!


Which side will you take?

Will you welcome this new wave or will you do your best to slow down its arrival?

These decisions will need to be made in the coming months, because its buzz (even if it is still weak) is heard all over the world, and many people are beginning to listen to it, as well as to look closely at the opportunities that are gradually emerging against the background of existing financial patterns and stereotypes.

If you are the one who hears this hum and intends to truly understand the potential of these amazing possibilities, then I am on my way with you. I will be glad to meet you personally and discuss how we can cooperate so as not to be buried by this wave, but to be on its crest!